Your Sealcoating Construction Site

You would think that it is unnecessary to ask asphalt sealcoating contractors whether they have the equipment needed to complete the job on which they are bidding. It is natural to assume, for example, that roofers have the equipment needed to access the roof safely or that carpenters own hammers, saws, and nails.

However, even if they own the basic sealcoating equipmentsealcoating contractors may not have the best equipment available. Therefore, when you are considering a contractor to apply sealcoating to your asphalt pavement, you should inquire about the condition of the equipment he will be using to complete your job.

Equipment Impacts Quality

When sealcoating a large area, a sprayer can make the work go faster while maintaining a consistent rate of delivery at all times. That is, it can accomplish these things if it is functioning properly. If it is malfunctioning, you could end up with areas that receive little or no sealcoating and other areas that have extremely thick layers of sealant.

Poor Equipment Can Cause Delays

All equipment requires regular maintenance to keep it working as it should. If an asphalt contractordoes not maintain his sealcoat equipment properly, it could fail while he is in the middle of your job. Ideally, he will have a second machine that he can bring to your site that will work long enough for him to complete your upcoming asphalt paving project. Otherwise, he will have to borrow or rent another machine, and this could take several days if you are having work done during peak times. If he has to purchase one, the delay could be even longer; depending on the machine and the location of the supplier, the delay could be 10 to 14 days.

Shoddy Equipment Reflects Poorly on You

If you care about your image, you do not want people to see ugly, filthy, or poorly functioning equipment on your site. Most people do not know whether you own the equipment, but they will still associate you with the shoddy equipment.

We Understand the Connection Between Equipment and Quality

B&E Coating Services offers a complete range of asphalt maintenance and repair services for your asphalt paved surface. We believe that quality results depend heavily on buying the best equipment that incorporates the latest technology, maintaining it properly and making sure that all employees are fully trained in its operation.

Whether the job is asphalt pavingcommercial sealcoating, making infrared asphalt repairs, or striping a parking lot, we arrive at your site with clean, functional equipment. Customers throughout Michigan know that they can rely on us for superior results at reasonable rates. You can request a free quote by completing the online contact form or calling our Big Rapids sealcoat contractors at 989-352-7305.