Drain Repair And Catch Basin Repair

B&E Coating Services can help get your drain or catch basin back in order if it has been damaged. When it comes to storm drains they can sometimes fail because of a concrete ring that is underneath the drain that gets eroded or breaks apart. Once this happens excess water from rainfall or snow melt can wash away the broken pieces and supporting gravel. This is when you start to see the drain sink or deteriorate. Luckily, B&E Coating Services knows just how to remedy this problem for residential and commercial applications.

  • Install a new concrete ring underneath drain.
  • Replace the gravel surrounding the drain.
  • Remove any existing damaged asphalt around drain
  • Replace Asphalt around drain

Catch Basins work in a similar way. They serve as a drainage system for parking lots. They are usually installed at the same time as the parking lot is and they are used to keep water from collecting in your parking lot which can damage or weaken the lot.

The problem is that catch basins are subject to regular wear and erosion due to water moving through it on a regular basis. When water enters it deteriorates the joints between the frame and grate become subject to damage. The joints are typically comprised of mortar and this process will eventually erode the mortar. This can cause major problems for your parking lot drain system as it will sink due to erosion or the damaging effects of water caught during cold months which causes it to expand and possibly burst the mortar from it position. Once this happens the catch basin will settle lower, causing standing water which can damage the surface of the parking lot. Here are some of the reasons this can be a liability for your parking lot:

  • Can cause damaging standing water
  • Can cause standing water to freeze in winter months creating a large slick spot
  • Can cause a lip to form which can cause vehicle damage
  • Can become a tripping hazard

When this happens, there is no time to waste. Call B&E Coating services to get a free quote on getting this important repair or check out some of our other services here. The longer it goes on the more damage it can cause and the more expensive and time consuming the repair will become. Contact us today by clicking here.