Parking Lot Striping & Marking

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Parking lot striping and pavement markings are critical to the success of any commercial business. Many business and property owners underestimate this fact. The truth is, however, a well planned and marked parking lot can enhance the look of a property, encourage proper traffic flow, keep patrons and employees safe, and allow quick and easy access for people with disabilities.

B&E Coating Services, LLC, located in Mid-Michigan, has specialized in parking lot striping and pavement marking for race track to indoor warehouse floor painting for over 18 years throughout the state of Michigan. Our parking lot striping services also ensure your business or property will comply with the most recent ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) regulations. Call us today or fill out the Free Quote form to get started.

B&E Coating Service, LLC has recently ventured in to new lay-out and restriping of autonomous car test tracks. We have painted on several self driving car research test tracks here in Michigan, Mcity to Las Vegas for the CES trade show, we are available for this type of painting nationwide. When you need your automated driving test track done right call B& E Coating Services, LLC , state of the art laser measuring devices and auto lay striping machines set B&E apart from the competition.

Leave the right first impression

Not only are proper markings important to insure compliance with both the Americans with Disabilities Act and local regulations, they make the right first impression when customers visit your business.

A well-designed and clearly marked parking area makes it easy for customers to find a space and park quickly and easily. You certainly don’t want a customer to visit your establishment and deal with the confusion that an unmarked – or, even worse, an improperly marked — parking lot creates. B&E will help keep your parking area markings looking new and easy to use by visitors to your property.

Let’s Get Started

If you maintain an asphalt lot or any other type of paved surface and you need safe parking lot striping and pavement markings — or if you just want to give your lot a much-needed facelift, turn to B&E Coating in Lakeview, MI for quick, professional service.

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