High Quality Asphalt Milling

Are you looking for an asphalt repair that will remove the topmost damaged layer of your parking lot or roadway? Our asphalt contractors have experience with asphalt milling (also called road planning) so you can restore the function and appearance of paved surfaces.

Our asphalt milling services are an alternative repair method that can be done on any asphalt surface, including parking lotspaved surface repairsresidential driveway repairs, and commercial road repairs. We use a special asphalt milling machine to safely and effectively remove the top layer of asphalt. Apart from asphalt resurfacingasphalt milling is the fastest way to repair cracks and potholes.

While milling roads, we mill anywhere from 1/2” surface repair to a full depth asphalt repair and replace it with fresh pavement. Not only does milled asphalt help you save money on your road construction project, but it reduces your environmental impact. The crushed asphalt our paving contractors remove from your paved road or parking lot can be reused.

Asphalt milling also prevents parking lots and roads from getting too high from years of resurfacing. As long as the foundation is in good condition, you’ll be able to save a lot of money by only removing and replacing the top layer.

The asphalt milling contractors at B&E Coating Services offer a range of asphalt paving services so you can keep parking lots and roads in good condition. If you are interested in our asphalt milling services, give our asphalt paving contractors a call at (989) 352-7305 or 1 (800) SEAL-817.