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Asphalt crack repair is the single most effective asphalt maintenance procedure when it comes to protecting and extending the life of your pavement. To ensure a safe and sound lot, it is critical to seal asphalt cracks with a pressurized Crafco machine as soon as possible after they develop. The good news is, asphalt crack repair is inexpensive and can be performed any time of the year!

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Why do cracks form?

Asphalt cracks form due to a number of reasons. The primary reason for cracking is oxidation of asphalt that occurs due to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. These rays dry out the liquid asphalt that binds pavement together and causes it to lose flexibility. As temperatures rise and fall, the asphalt shrinks and expands, causing cracks to form on the surface.

As things progress, the freeze/thaw cycles of winter allow moisture to penetrate under the asphalt and actually form ice under the surface. This process allows serious deterioration to begin and potholes to form — requiring extensive asphalt repairs.

B&E Coating experienced technicians can stop the deterioration caused by cracking using a hot rubberized crack sealant that remains flexible and keeps cracks sealed as the pavement expands in summer and contracts in winter.

B&E Coating Services, LLC experienced technicians can stop the deterioration caused by cracking using a combination of sealcoating with NON coal tar Safe Seal® sealer and hot rubberized crack sealant that remains flexible and keeps cracks sealed as the pavement expands in summer and contracts in winter to cracks greater than ¼”. Crack sealant should be installed using a pressurized Crafco machine for best results.

Only the most effective materials will do!

This Deery brand hot rubberized crack sealant will not pick up or “track” due to the high melting point of the material, keeping your lot and building interiors free from any residual materials.

Hot rubberized asphalt crack repair is slightly higher in cost compared to other cold pour methods, yet it is a vital part of the driveway or parking lot sealing process. Cracks which have been repaired with hot rubber sealants are ready for traffic in less than 20 minutes.

When you turn to a professional service like B&E Coating Services, LLC for asphalt crack repair, specify that your cracks be repaired using ONLY a Deery hot rubberized crack sealing process to prevent water and ice from accelerating the damage to your asphalt investment.

Cold-applied pourable crack fillers are not nearly as resilient as our quality hot rubberized sealing process. Cold-applied pourable fillers can become brittle in the winter and peel away from the interior of the crack, which allows moisture to penetrate through the gap and even cause the filler to come out of the crack in just a short time.

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