Why Parking Lot and Surface Sweep Cleaning Is Cost-effective

Marketing professionals have known for decades that people can be influenced by seeing an image. When the image they are shown is a juicy hamburger, an invitingly decorated lobby, or a well-landscaped courtyard, people tend to judge the provider of the product or service favorably. When the images are not aesthetically appealing, people tend to judge the providers less favorably. They may not even be aware of their perceptions, but the subliminal messages are present in their subconscious. The same types of perceptions can apply when people see a parking lot, street, an apartment or office complex, or a gated community. Street and parking lot sweeping can help you ensure that people form the right perceptions about your community or business.

Why Does Parking Lot Sweeping Matter?

Try to remember the last time you saw trash blowing through a parking lot. If it was at a store or mall, did it make you less convinced that you wanted to shop there? If you were looking for an apartment, did the trashy parking lot make you question the wisdom of renting at that complex? Subconsciously, you may have linked the condition of the parking lot to the quality offered by the apartment complex or store. Having a sweeping service perform periodic truck sweeping can help you ensure that your parking lot looks its best.

Why Does Street Sweeping Matter?

The residents of your town or subdivision expect clean, well-maintained streets for their own benefit. Businesses want the same qualities, but they are trying to attract customers from other neighborhoods or towns. Unfortunately, if the gutters are filled with trash, people will be more likely to discard their own trash, increasing the littering problem. Accumulations of trash can attract rodents and insects, and they can pose potential health hazards. Regular street sweeping is an economical way to solve many of these problems simultaneously.

Will Street and Parking Lot Sweeping Cause Pavement Damage?

Actually, professional truck sweeping helps prevent pavement damage. Sand, gravel, and other abrasive materials can make short work of your sealcoating, and they can scratch unprotected pavement.

In Addition to Sweeping, Should I Have My Contractor Power Wash My Pavement?

Power washing is an effective method for performing surface cleaning. However, you should always hire an experienced contractor for your power washing services. Believe it or not, there are some fledgling contractors who confuse power washing with water blasting or even sandblasting. Whether they use water, sand, or shot, the result can be damage to your asphalt pavement as well as your parking lot or street markings.

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