Why Does Having High-Quality Paving Equipment Matter?

Why Do Paving Companies Consider High-Quality Equipment a Good Investment?

Paving services can range from installing completely new lots, roads and driveways to fixing those cracks and potholes that develop over time. Whether they’re doing an installation or sealcoating an existing pavement, a paving contractor knows that time is money, and they never want to waste a second waiting to repair a vital piece of equipment that breaks down on a job. Plus, paving repairs last longer when each step of the procedure is done in a timely manner.

What Types of Paving Equipment Do Asphalt Contractors Use?

Depending upon the type of paving maintenance services that you request, you’ll see a variety of different types of construction vehicles and equipment show up to do the job. Pavement machines rely on a high-quality floating screed to spread and level asphalt. A compactor, or roller, helps to make sure that the layers of asphalt are properly pressed to remove air bubbles and prevent damage that includes depressions and rutting.

Milling machines are another common type of equipment to see on an asphalt maintenance job site. These are used to remove asphalt pavement before repair work that includes resurfacing. After the millwork is complete, you might see a sweeper come out that removes leftover dust and debris that can interfere with overlays.

How Do Paving Companies Ensure They Are Using Quality Equipment?

The equipment that contractors use to create beautifully paved lots and roads is heavy-duty and meant to last for many years. Yet, even the best equipment can slowly develop problems over time.

Although some pavement repairs are doable in the winter, this is also when a paving contractor can do some maintenance. Typically, this includes performing an inspection on each piece of equipment to identify any needs for repairs or replacements. Throughout the year, pavement companies perform other forms of scheduled maintenance to keep every machine in top condition.

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