Why Disinfect Shopping Carts With High Hot Pressure Power Washing

Shopping carts can be touched by hundreds of people each day. As one person puts a cart away, another will soon be taking hold of the handle, whether it’s a member of staff or another customer. As different people take control of your store’s shopping carts, it can quickly spread germs. Bacteria and viruses get passed from person to shopping cart and back to people. Those people will then walk around the store touching more things, plus leave your store and take germs home with them.

If you want to keep your store hygienic and safe, high pressure power washing is the solution that you need. Disinfecting your shopping carts kills germs and viruses to reduce the risk of them being passed from person to person. High pressure power washing is a quick and effective way to disinfect shopping carts. It involves using a cleaning solution and hot water, which are sprayed onto shopping carts to remove bacteria and viruses so that the carts are clean and ready to be used again. You might choose to disinfect your shopping carts at the end of each day, weekly or less regularly to suit your needs.

High “HOT” pressure power washing offers a more thorough method of cleaning shopping carts. You might choose to wipe down the handles of shopping carts during the day, perhaps after each customer has used a cart. Providing customers with wipes or cleaning solutions makes it easier for them to do this on their own. However, if you want a heavy-duty cleaning option to make sure that the entire shopping cart is disinfected, high pressure power washing will provide it for you. It uses pressured water and cleaning solutions to ensure your shopping carts are as clean as possible, and ready to be used by all of your customers.

Using high “HOT” pressure power washing for your shopping carts shows your customers and your employees that you care. You are spending the time and money on ensuring your shopping carts are clean and pose less of a risk to people when they are in your store. It can help to set you apart from your competition, who might not be taking such great care of their shopping carts and other equipment. Your customers and your employees will know that you are concerned about their wellbeing and that your business is a responsible one.

High “HOT” pressure power washing your shopping carts is an excellent investment in the betterment of your business. It’s a service that benefits everyone, including your customers, employees, and you. It shows that you care about keeping everyone safe and that you are willing to play your part to do so. If you choose this type of cleaning for your shopping carts, you demonstrate that you’re not cutting any corners.

When you need someone to disinfect your shopping carts, get in touch with B&E Coating Services. We can help you with all of your pressure washing needs so that you can improve hygiene at your store.