What You Need to Know about Coal Tar-free Driveway Sealers

Building a new driveway? Perhaps you’re refreshing your existing one? Driveway work can be an extensive job, and one that is known for being on the fragrant side! But what if there was a way you could get a new driveway without that typical tar smell?

Luckily for you, developments in driveway sealants mean you can now benefit from coal tar-free driveway sealers – the ideal way to get a new drive without the hassle and inconvenience of those nasty odors.

Find out more about coal tar-free driveways and their benefits for your home, and the environment.

What is coal tar-free driveway sealer?

Coal tar-free driveway sealer is a type of driveway sealant made without coal tar. Coal tar can produce harmful PAH chemicals that mean it is banned for use in some areas. By minimizing the use of coal tar, driveway sealant becomes better for the environment, with no inconvenient odor.

Coal tar-free doesn’t have to mean inferior quality – in fact, coal tar-free driveway sealers produce incredible results that will protect your driveway from the elements and keep it looking fresh.

Why should I choose a coal tar-free driveway?

More and more people are choosing to have a coal tar-free driveway. Some of the benefits of choosing a coal tar-free driveway include:


Coal tar-free driveway sealer is better for the environment. It produces fewer PAHs, low VOCs and no solvents. It doesn’t create a chemical burn, unlike coal tar sealants, making it a more eco-friendly alternative for your property.

No nasty odor

One of the drawbacks of having a new driveway is the initial odor. That heavy, lingering tar smell can be offputting, and it often returns during hot weather. A coal tar-free driveway sealant doesn’t have the same chemical-filled, nasty odor, making it more pleasant for you and your family.


Not only is coal tar-free driveway sealer free from many harmful chemicals, it is also non-flammable, making it safe to install and maintaining safety long after it’s been installed.

Fantastic results

A coal tar-free driveway sealer provides excellent performance, making it great valuable money for you. Helping to protect your driveway from moisture, freezing and thawing and other environmental damage, you’ll be making a great investment for your home. Lasting up to 5x longer than your typical sealant, you won’t need to worry about renewing your driveway in a hurry.

Use B & E Coating Services for Asphalt Maintenance

If you’re interested in a coal tar-free sealant for your driveway. B & E Coating Services can help. As experts in using coal tar-free driveway sealant, we can produce a high-quality finish for your driveway, without the typical odors and chemicals you’d usually expect. Professional and highly-experienced, we’re the ideal choice for West Michigan.

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