What to Look For in a Free Asphalt Maintenance Estimate

How Can I Determine the Credibility of an Asphalt Maintenance Contractor?

The first step is to look for any red flags that a paving maintenance contractor might not be local. If the contractor’s vehicle has out-of-state license tags, or the contact number reflects an area code that is several states away, proceed with caution. Be especially wary if the contractor simply showed up uninvited and unannounced. As a rule, asphalt paving companies wait for potential customers to call them; they do not go door-to-door to drum up business, and they rarely distribute flyers. Whether you need paving repairs, sealcoating, or parking lot striping, you want to select a contractor whose phone number and physical address is in your general area. If the work turns out to be inferior, you will probably find it impossible to track down an out-of-state contractor to address the problem.

How Do I Ensure That Every Asphalt Maintenance Contractor Is Using the Same Specifications?

The section covering the full scope of the work should be the most detailed and extensive part of the quote. It should specify the brand and type of material to be used, the quantity of each material, and the exact procedures to be performed. For example, if you need to have cracks in your asphalt paving repaired, the estimate should show the brand, type, and quantity of the crackfilling material needed, how many linear feet of cracks are to be repaired, and the approximate location of the cracks. If you are seeking a parking lot sealcoat application, the estimate should include the brand, type, and quantity of the sealant as well as the square footage involved. When sealcoating parking lots, cracks and other breaks will need to be repaired first, and you will need to have your markings repainted after sealcoating. If the paving maintenance contractor’s estimate does not include these services, be sure to ask whether the company offers them. If not, you will need to factor in the additional costs when comparing estimates.

What Are Some Signs That I Am Selecting the Right Contractor for My Paving Repairs or Maintenance?

Although it can be difficult to evaluate a contractor’s suitability for your specific needs just from an estimate, here are some ways that may help.

1. Your contractor attaches a list of references to the estimate. Furthermore, the references are relevant to the type of work that you need, they are recent, and you are given sufficient information to contact the contractor’s former customers.
2. Your contractor respects your time. If you make appointments for contractors to evaluate your pavement and offer an estimate, they should arrive at the scheduled time, or they should contact you if they are delayed by unforeseen circumstances, sometimes when evaluating for pavement preservation sealcoating for existing asphalt you may not need to be home.
3. Your contractor provides you with proof of suitable insurance upon request. At the very least, all asphalt contractors need to carry workers’ compensation, general business liability insurance, and vehicle liability insurance.
4. Your contractor takes the time to answer your questions about procedures and terminology. You never feel like you are being rushed to make a decision without having a full understanding of what is involved.
5. Your contractor should be willing to work with you to minimize your inconvenience as much as possible. Successful contractors are accustomed to sealcoating parking lots as few phases as possible, with minimal disruption to customers, working on weekends, or performing certain tasks outside of normal business hours.

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