What Is Your Highest Priority For U.S. Highways?

Throughout history, nations have relied on their road systems for trade, emigration, and troop movement. The Persian Empire began constructing an extensive network of roads more than 3,000 years ago, and most people are familiar with the fame of the roads constructed during the height of the Roman Empire. Older, more rudimentary roads have been dated even further back.

The United States has approximately 4.1 million miles of roads, of which more than 2.6 million are paved. About 90 percent of the population lives within five miles of an Interstate. The quality of these roads can have a profound effect on the drivers who rely on them for their transportation needs. To help determine which factors drivers felt were most important, a survey was conducted in 2014 that asked drivers to state their priorities. The survey found:

  • 84 percent assigned priority to well-maintained roads but do not want work to interfere with traffic during peak times.
  • 86 percent wanted to see spending focused on upkeep of existing roads over the construction of new roads.
  • 56 percent rated safe roads as a high priority.
  • 69 percent stated that smooth roads were worth occasional delays or detours.

To those in the asphalt industry, drivers are stating a preference for asphalt pavement.

  • Repairing asphalt pavement is a quick process that can normally be performed during nighttime hours or between peak traffic times. Work areas can be reopened much more quickly than a similar stretch of concrete pavement.
  • Asphalt pavement is typically less expensive to repair than concrete, which often requires the removal of large expanses of pavement.
  • Asphalt roads are both safe and smooth. Asphalt pavement has excellent traction when ice or rain is present. In addition to offering better comfort to drivers, the smoothness of the paved surfacealso increases safety by reducing the possibility of having the car’s direction of travel altered by an uneven patch of pavement.

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