What Is The Benefit Of “Additives” In Sealer?

Asphalt sealing additives enhance the basic performance of the sealant. Additives are not always necessary, but it is common for parking lot sealcoating contractors to include at least one additive in their sealcoating mixes to address specific issues that can range from customer requirements to weather-related limitations.

  • Additives to accelerate curing time are commonly used if the contractor will be performing additional work at the site, such as striping a parking lot after sealcoating it. Customers may also request that the sealcoated area be reopened to traffic sooner than would be possible without the use of additives.
  • Without incorporating additives into their sealcoating mixturesasphalt paving contractors can typically apply asphalt sealants only if the air temperatures are plus or minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit of the accepted ideal of 70 degrees. In areas such as Michigan, this makes it difficult to find the “perfect” day to apply sealcoating during certain seasons. Additives allow contractors to extend the range of acceptable temperatures.
  • Sealcoating mixes contain sand, which helps improve traction on the pavement. However, the sand presents two issues. The first is that like all solids, sand tries to “fall out” of suspension. This can result in areas of sealcoating that do not contain enough sand to provide the desired traction. Additives help keep the sand properly distributed and help with the second issue, which is the dislodging of the sand by traffic.
  • Sealcoat additives can be used to enhance the appearance or performance of the sealcoating. For example, there are additives that can make the pavement appear darker, improve resistance to power steering scuffs or increase the sealcoating’s longevity.

When deciding which additives are needed, asphalt sealcoating contractors in the Michigan area will evaluate several factors, including:

  • Ambient temperature
  • Humidity level
  • Extent of shaded areas
  • Scope of the project
  • Hours during which sealcoating must be applied
  • Need to reduce disruption to traffic flow
  • Wind speed and direction

After reviewing all of the factors that could affect the results, your contractor will then advise which additives are needed to provide the best quality.

At B&E Coating Services, we are sealcoating experts who understand the many benefits that additives can provide. However, we never recommend additives unless we know that you will receive a tangible benefit from their use. We are committed to providing quality workmanship at reasonable prices to customers in the greater Michigan area. Our crews have the talent and experience to handle all of your asphalt maintenance and repair needs, including gravel driveway repairblacktop repairand more! Request a free quote by submitting our online form or calling our Cedar Springs asphalt contractors at (989) 352-7305.