What Is Full-Depth Asphalt Repair?

How Do Paving Contractors Install a Full-Depth Asphalt Repair?

Although there can be some minor variations, most asphalt contractors begin by marking off a square or rectangular area of pavement that includes the damaged pavement as well as a border. This area is removed by cutting it out or grinding it away. All layers of the asphalt are removed so that the contractor has access to the foundation. If the foundation needs to be strengthened or repaired, this will be the next step in the procedure. Multiple courses of fresh asphalt will be placed and compacted, and, in some situations, the contractor may seal the edges of the patch.

What Types of Damage Can Be Repaired With a Full-Depth Asphalt Repair?

Theoretically, a full-depth patch can be used to repair virtually any type of damage, but patching may not be the most practical choice for minor damage. Typically, full-depth patching is reserved for damage that is the result of foundation erosion or destabilization because it allows the underlying issue to be addressed so that the damage does not happen again and again. Common types of damage that are frequently repaired by full-depth patching include potholes and areas of alligatored asphalt, but your paving contractor may advise installing a patch for other types of damage as well.

Are There Other Types of Asphalt Patches?

There are two other types of patches that use hot mix asphalt to repair pavement damage.

1. A partial-depth patch is virtually identical to a full-depth patch, but the procedure does not remove all layers of asphalt, so it does not provide access to the foundation.
2. A skin patch rests on the surface of the pavement, so it usually does not require the removal of any asphalt layers, and it is only suitable for damage that does not go very deep.

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