The Best Alternative To Coal-Tar-Based Sealants

The best alternative for coal-tar-based sealants is Safe Seal®️. While coal-tar-based sealants last a long time, many places have already banned their use to protect the environment and human health. If you would like to learn more, contact us today.

Continue reading to learn why our asphalt sealcoating contractors recommend Safe Seal for parking lots and driveways. You can trust our experience in asphalt sealcoating to work for you. We want you to get the best product and best experience possible.

Coal Tar Sealant Alternative

Coal tar can appear under different names when scanning the ingredients in parking lot or driveway sealer. Check safety data sheets, container labels, or technical bulletins for words like:

  • Tar
  • Coal tar
  • Refined coal tar
  • Refined coal tar pitch
  • Coal tar pitch volatiles
  • RT-12
  • Other similar terms

Protect Your Health

The best driveway sealer is one that doesn’t jeopardize your health. Over time, coal-tar-based sealants release what are called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) into the environment. Not only does coal-tar asphalt sealer smell bad, but it can increase your risk of cancer by up to 38 times according to a study conducted in part by the U.S. Geological Survey. Children are especially at risk for developing cancer after long-time exposure to coal-tar-based sealants.

Coal tar dust is often found in homes near sealed parking lots and driveways. Not only does this dust drift through open windows and doors, but it can be tracked in on the bottoms of shoes. Coal tar dust can also contaminate local sources of freshwater and be ingested.

The best way to protect you and your family is to hire asphalt sealcoating contractors that use safe materials. We trust the Safe Seal brand for our parking lot and driveway sealer because it doesn’t contain coal tar. We pride ourselves on customer service and transparency, which means that we’ll be more than happy to explain what’s in the asphalt sealer we use.

Protect the Environment

Cities and suburbs are covered in impervious pavement. As a result, water flows over driveways, parking lots, and streets until it reaches stormwater catch basins. From there, the water is funneled to local rivers, lakes, and streams. One of the dangers of coal-tar-based sealants is that the runoff is highly toxic to fish and other aquatic life.

Do your part to protect the environment by asking for asphalt sealer that doesn’t contain coal tar. Our asphalt contractors use Safe Seal for your health and peace of mind.

Ask for Safe Seal

Safe Seal protects asphalt from precipitation, UV rays, and automobile fluids. We use Safe Seal because it is safe for both the environment and humans. Our asphalt sealer covers the entire surface of your parking lot or driveway with a flat black coat that seals small voids.

Unlike coal-tar-based sealants, Safe Seal doesn’t emit dangerous PAHs that could put your health at risk. No asphalt sealer is worth getting you or your family sick, which is why it’s important you know what sealer covers your asphalt driveway or parking lot. Our asphalt contractors are always more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

Our asphalt sealcoating contractors in Blanchard MI are ready to protect your driveway or parking lot from the elements. Asphalt sealcoating can help your paved surface last many years to come. To request your estimate for parking lot or driveway sealcoating, call B&E Coating Services at 1(800) SEAL-817.