Standing Water Can Damage Your Parking Lot

Water that collects in low spots and refuses to go away as quickly as it should can detract from the appearance of your parking lot. Puddles can also accelerate the deterioration of your asphalt pavement, leading to premature failure or costly repairs. Before your asphalt paving contractor can repair low spots, he must first determine why they developed.

Why Low Spots Develop

There are many reasons that low spots can develop in asphalt pavement. Some are preventable, but others are beyond your control.

  • The depth of your asphalt pavement and the design of its foundation were engineered to bear traffic weighing within a specified range. If you have a parking lot designed that is supposed to receive only passenger vehicles, letting buses, delivery trucks, or heavy equipment drive across your parking lot can result in damage. Permitting them to park on your pavement for extended periods can be even more damaging than allowing them to drive on it.
  • Proper compaction is essential when you have a new parking lot constructed. If the foundation is not properly compacted, there may be weak spots in the pavement that you cannot detect visually. When these weak spots are subjected to the stress of traffic, they can sink, and if neglected, potholes will typically develop in these weak spots.
  • Catch basins and drains can become clogged, and when this happens, water can be forced back onto the pavement. Over time, the area surrounding the drains can weaken, allowing low spots to form.
  • If cars are parked in the same location for days at a time, the tires can sink into the pavement. When the car is finally moved, you will usually find low spots that match the location of each wheel.
  • Heavy objects left in place on paved surface for a long time will often leave their impressions once they are removed. For example, if you store a stack of lumber on your asphalt pavement, when you move it, you may find a depressed area of the same size and shape as the lumber.
  • Low spots can also be an indication that your pavement’s base has been compromised. This is usually caused by water infiltration. The eroded base can no longer provide a level support for the pavement, so low spots can develop in these weakened areas.

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