Selecting the Right Sweeping Contractor

A business that looks like it’s cared for, will make people want to care for it. Customers can spot a business owner’s pride in their brand from a mile away. A dirty and messy storefront will make drivers and pedestrians cross the road to avoid it. This is for a number of psychological reasons. We link messiness with crime, a lack of caring, cheapness and potential health hazards. Here are some things you need to ask yourself when Selecting The Right Sweeping Contractor.

Does the sweeping contractor have a good reputation?

The biggest concern you have in this regard is, will your sweeping contractor show up on time? You don’t want a sweeper machine running while customers are trying to find somewhere to park. It’s a necessary but noisy job, so you don’t want it done during rush hour shopping either.

A reliable sweeping contractor will always show up on time and leave no stone unturned. They’ll not just rely on their sweeping machine either. If some pieces of litter don’t get caught by the machine itself, they will get out and collect it by hand.

They will also work to your schedule. If you want your storefront, mall, parking lot or commercial office building swept at a certain time that doesn’t impact your image or customer traffic, then they’ll adapt to this without question. Not to mention, they can arrive early in the morning, late at night and whatever time is good for you on weekend days too.

Of course, politeness and good humor go a long way when doing business. So their employees will be friendly, helpful and ready to listen and understand your concerns.

Does the company have Professional equipment?

Older sweeping vehicles are no longer adequate for the job. They leave behind smaller pieces of grit, fine dirt and don’t always collect all the fallen leaves. Our professional equipment is modern and has better controls so the driver can implement a wide, narrow and soft or hard cleaning action. This means that it can pick up and collect stones, dirt, leaves, feathers and just about anything that could be lying in the way.

With better equipment you can avoid some of the most important things, when it comes to cleaning a commercial property.

  • Fewer trip hazards. You can sweep clean oil slicks, loose gravel, bits of debris that might have fallen off from another vehicle and avoid other loose object debris.
  • Customers are thus, less likely to sue as the trip hazards have been removed. It bodes well for your case that you have a regular sweeping service that comes by and keeps everything tidy.
  • Without missing a beat, your business looks more professional, cared for and attracts customers. But it also, deters criminals. Criminals will go for soft targets and a business that is messy and not well maintained, is a sight for their sore eyes.
  • It also deters vandals. A nice neat business will not be a target for graffiti.

Do they carry adequate insurance?

Sweeping machines have variable settings. Some of them can leave behind some minor damage. This could be, the ripping up of parking lot lines or on-road signs that direct drivers. So the next question is, can such a company fix the problem?

With adequate insurance they can. If they do anything that they weren’t supposed to, either by miscommunication or accident, their insurance can cover the cost of any mishap. This gives you ease of mind, especially if you are a local authority.

Local authorities that run shopping districts want to prevent traffic jams and parking lot pile-ups. Commercial office building owners want to avoid all this and more. They don’t want to damage key parking spaces for executives. Manufacturing companies want to avoid their freight truck bays from becoming obscure to drivers.

You don’t have to worry about this with us. Our employees are trained to study the surface, notice what kind of things are not to be touched, and get to work without needing much direction. If by some bizarre circumstance something like the above did occur, don’t worry, our insurance covers this. We can fix something that was accidentally broken, obscured or removed.

If you are a business owner wondering how you can make your commercial space neater, cleaner and look more attractive, give us a call now on (989) 352-7305 or contact us here for a free estimate. Use B&E Coating Services for all your Michigan sweeping and asphalt needs.