Sealcoating In The Winter

Sealcoating is the most effective and economical way to prolong the life of your asphalt pavement. It guards against automotive leaks, UV rays and other things that can damage your pavement. When winter weather is on the doorstep, many property owners begin to question whether sealcoating can be applied when the weather turns cold. In most cases, it is not recommended to sealcoat in the winter.

  • Sealcoating is not manufactured to cure when the ground and ambient temperatures are below 50 degrees. Without proper curing, the sealcoating can be tracked inside or marred by traffic. Although there are some parts of the country that enjoy temperatures in that range at least occasionally during the winter months, in most of the states, the temperature requirements for sealcoating are rarely achieved during winter or are impossible to predict with sufficient accuracy.
  • Until sealcoating is cured, it is susceptible to damage from water, regardless of whether it arrives as rain or dew. Winter dew points often make sealcoating projects impossible, while rain, snow and other forms of precipitation can be difficult to predict.
  • Asphalt sealer dries best when exposed to sunlight. In the winter, you can only expect a few hours of sufficient sunlight. The problem of drying times presented by cooler temperatures is magnified by the lack of sunlight. Therefore, a job that might require only one day in the middle of summer may take three or more days to complete in colder weather.

Sealcoating in the winter poses risks that few contractors are willing to accept. A better strategy would be to ensure that you have potholes and cracks repaired, correct any damage issues, and remove any debris from your asphalt pavement. You can then delay sealcoating until the spring.

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