Low Prices Are Not Always Your Friend

When comparing two identical products, choosing the one with the lower price is a wise shopping decision. However, you have to be sure that the two products are truly identical if you want to obtain the best bargain. If the products are merely similar, the one with the lower price could be dramatically inferior.

Even products that appear identical at first glance may have differences. For example, your supermarket might have an in-store bakery that normally sells loaves of bread for $3 per loaf. You notice a display that has what appear to be identical loaves for $2 per loaf. Upon closer examination, you notice that the “sell-by” date on the discounted loaves was yesterday, while the date on the higher priced loaves is a week away. If you need the bread for a party you are hosting in five days’ time, you might find that the lower-priced loaf is too stale or even moldy when the big day arrives. This does not make it much of a bargain.

A bargain is not a bargain unless you derive something of value. It is also not a bargain if the value of what you receive is not in proportion to the price you pay. A pair of shoes that wears out three times as fast as the more expensive pair is not a real bargain if they are priced more than one-third of the cost of the longer lasting pair — and they are not a bargain at any price if they hurt your feet so much that you cannot bear to wear them.

When you need to have asphalt pavement installedrepaired or maintained, it is always a good idea to obtain more than one quote. However, you cannot just assume that every quote will provide identical asphalt paving results. You have to carefully review each bid to determine exactly what each asphalt paving contractor is quoting. If all of the details, such as the quality of sealcoating products used and scope of the project, are the same, you still need to examine the sealcoating contractors themselves. Do they all have the same level of expertise, or are some of the bids from novices? Does every contractor have a good reputation with former customers? Does each asphalt contractor have the equipment and manpower to complete work on time?

At B&E Coating Service, we are proud of our reputation. We value that reputation too much to provide our customers with sub-standard materials or shoddy work. This means that, at times, we are not the lowest bid — but we always provide outstanding results. Whether you need a tennis court resurfacedresidential sealcoating, a parking lot striped or any other asphalt maintenance or repair, we can help. You can request a free quote by submitting our online form or by calling our office at 989-352-7305. We serve customers in the Greenville, Mt. Pleasant and Big Rapids areas of Michigan.