Keeping Asphalt Paving Safe

Every occupation in the construction industry carries certain risks, but those who work in the asphalt paving field face unique hazards.

This is why keeping asphalt paving safe is important:

  • Hot asphalt is a particularly “sticky” material that cannot be quickly and easily removed. If it comes into contact with the skin, it can cause burns that can be severe, debilitating or disfiguring.
  • Asphalt paving requires various pieces of powerful machinery and heavy equipment. Operators as well as those working on the ground must be constantly vigilant of the movement of these machines, and the equipment must be in safe operating order.
  • Work must sometimes be performed within a few yards of passing traffic. Drivers may be impaired, distracted by their passengers or otherwise failing to give their full attention to their driving.

At B&E Coating Services, keeping asphalt paving safe means making every worksite as safe as possible. We communicate our safety policies through ongoing training and regular meetings. It is impossible to detail in this post every point we cover, but here are some of the issues we routinely address.

Equipment Safety

  1. No operator starting his shift may engage his machine without first inspecting it for safe operation.
  2. No operator may vacate his seat without first bringing the machine to idle and engaging the brake.
  3. No employee who is not fully trained on a machine or piece of equipment is permitted to operate the equipment or machine.
  4. No repairs are to be made without following the appropriate lockout procedure and protecting workers against injuries from the equipment or devices attached to the equipment.

General Worksite Safety

  1. Workers must wear approved protective gear at all times when on the worksite.
  2. Avoid walking behind machines or trucks that are backing up.
  3. Do not stand or work near the asphalt sealcoating machine
  4. Watch out for customers, passers-by or others who might wander into the work area, and watch out for crew members as well.

Reducing Traffic Risks

  1. If feasible, schedule work for off-peak hours.
  2. Place barricades, traffic control signs and other warning devices that are spaced appropriately for the scope of the work area, the number of vehicles passing, weather conditions and other factors.
  3. Deploy flagmen when additional traffic control is needed.
  4. Use spotters or lookouts to issue warnings to the rest of the crew if traffic is heavy or conditions indicate the need.

B&E Coating Services has built its reputation on the quality of its work and the safety of its job sites. Keeping asphalt paving safe is extremely important! We offer a full range of asphalt maintenance and repair services to customers throughout Michigan. If you are looking for asphalt sealcoatingdriveway or commercial paving, we can help. You can ask for a free quote by submitting our online form or calling our Mt. Pleasant asphalt contractors at (989) 352-7305B&E Coating Services, LLC is Keeping Asphalt Paving Safe!