How To Prolong The Life Of Your Asphalt Surface

An asphalt parking lot or driveway is an investment in your property.

Whether you are looking to improve the curb appeal of your home, or you are interested in keeping your commercial parking lot in good shape for customers, you will want to take advantage of asphalt preventative maintenance services.

An experienced asphalt contractor will be able to apply a protective coating to the surface of your asphalt pavement and repair cracks and potholes. In this blog post, we will go over the ways you can prolong the life of your asphalt surface. For more information, we recommend reaching out to a knowledgeable asphalt contractor today.


An asphalt patch is the perfect solution for small cracks or divots in your pavement. It’s always more affordable to resolve these issues with a patch than to let it grow into a more expensive asphalt repair. If the crack is less than a quarter inch wide, we recommend asking a contractor about their asphalt crack repair service. Over time, it’s normal for the elements to take their toll on your asphalt parking lot or driveway. However, making repairs to your pavement when necessary will prolong its life.


A sealcoat is a protective layer applied over your asphalt pavement that shields it from UV rays, automobile fluids, snow, and rain. We recommend customers invest in asphalt sealcoating because Michigan is known for its intense freeze-thaw cycles, which causes asphalt to expand and contract. If there are cracks in your asphalt surface, water will be allowed to seep into the foundation to cause significant damage.


Asphalt pavement resurfacing (also known as top layer treatment) is a great way to extend the life of your asphalt surface. Resurfacing is best for asphalt pavements that aren’t ready for complete replacement, but would benefit from having just the top layer replaced. A professional asphalt paving contractor can let you know if your driveway or parking lot is a good candidate for asphalt resurfacing.


When your asphalt surface is draining your budget with constant repairs, it’s time to consider asphalt surface replacement. While asphalt maintenance can help prolong the life of your pavement, it will usually only last up to 20 years. We understand that customers may be tempted to go with less expensive options, such as patching. However, it’s more cost-effective in the long-run to replace disintegrating pavement than it is to keep making constant repairs.

If you are unsure on the best course of action for your parking lot, we recommend you consult with an asphalt contractor. With their experience of working within the industry and helping customers, they will be able to help you make an informed decision about your asphalt surface.

If you are interested in our asphalt pavement maintenance services, please feel free to call us at (989) 352-7305. The Michigan asphalt repair contractors at B&E Coating Services, LLC are dedicated to helping you restore the look and function of your asphalt parking lot or driveway.