How Much Does Asphalt Sealcoating Cost?

What Can Affect My Asphalt Sealcoating Cost?

There are several factors that could affect the cost of your asphalt sealcoating job. These include the condition of your pavement, your location, the schedule you need, and the layout of your pavement.

How Does the Condition of My Pavement Affect the Cost of My Asphalt Sealcoating Job?

No contractor should apply sealcoating over open breaks in the pavement. Most contractors expect that they will need to repair a few minor cracks. However, numerous large cracks could potentially result in a higher bill. The second pavement condition that could increase the cost of your job is the cleanliness of your pavement. Caked-on dirt, deep mud, and numerous oil stains can potentially increase your costs.

How Does My Location Affect the Cost of My Asphalt Sealcoating Cost?

Contractors must move their crews, equipment, and supplies from their yard to your site. They refer to the associated expenses as mobilization costs. The greater the distance from their yard to your site, the higher the mobilization costs. Furthermore, if the contractor must mobilize multiple times to complete your job, your bill could be higher.

How Does the Schedule I Need Affect the Cost to Sealcoat My Pavement?

When contractors sealcoat parking lots, clients often request that they perform the work outside of business hours. A similar situation can arise when an HOA wants to sealcoat the pavements in the community when traffic is light. This can require the contractor to perform the work on weekends or holidays. The contractor may need to pay workers overtime or holiday pay, and this can increase your cost.

How Does the Layout Affect the Cost of Sealcoating Parking Lots?

Parking lots come in a wide variety of configurations. Some are simply unbroken expanses of pavement, but others feature numerous landscaping islands. Some parking lots have fences or walls along their perimeters, and others have guard shacks or other structures. In general, the more open the parking lot is, the faster it is to sealcoat the parking lot. Applying parking lot sealcoating with a sprayer is faster and more efficient than making numerous cut-ins by hand. In simple terms, when sealcoating parking lots, time is money; when labor hours increase, the contractor must charge accordingly.

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