How Do You Perform a Winter Pothole Repair?

For many years, asphalt patching was the primary technique used to make a permanent repair. However, this method of asphalt repair used hot mix asphalt, so it was not always feasible to patch potholes in the winter. As new techniques and products appeared, winter pothole repair became increasingly common. Today, potholes can be repaired with hot mix asphalt or Aquaphalt.

What Is Aquaphalt?

Aquaphalt is a relatively new product that allows potholes to be repaired quickly and easily. It arrives from the manufacture ready to go, so it can be installed directly from the bucket in which it was shipped. It only requires a small crew and a couple of tools to make a permanent asphalt repair. The basic installation is as simple as placing the material, adding water, and tamping the mixture. Vehicles can usually be given access to the pavement within 15 minutes or so.

How Do You Make a Winter Pothole Repair With Hot Mix Asphalt?

Asphalt paving needs to be properly compacted to achieve the strength, durability, and appearance that it should. Asphalt arrives from the plant very hot, and it must be placed and compacted before it has a chance to cool too much. Historically, if the ground temperature was less than about 50 degrees, contractors were hesitant to perform asphalt patching to repair a pothole. However, there is a way to keep the asphalt hot in the winter, and that is a hot box. Hot boxes are designed to keep asphalt at the proper temperature, which is usually between 325 degrees and 350 degrees, for as long as 48 hours. The exact steps for using hot mix to repair a pothole will depend on the specifics involved. Typically, however, asphalt patching is performed by first prepping the damaged pavement, and placing and compacting the hot asphalt (HMA).

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