Fix Your Potholes With Asphalt Repair

In an all-too-common scenario, an expanse of asphalt pavement disappears under a blanket of snow and ice. When the thaw arrives, the property owner is shocked to discover that potholes have formed in the pavement. Buried under the winter storm, the pavement was not even bearing traffic, so what caused the potholes to develop overnight? The answer to that question can be found by examining how potholes form.

Fix Your Potholes with Asphalt Repair – Do Potholes Really Form Overnight?

There are virtually no instances of instant potholes. Instead, they are almost always the result of past damages that the pavement has incurred. Specifically, water has penetrated beneath the asphalt pavement through cracks that were not repaired. The water has damaged the pavement’s foundation, so the pavement begins to sag under its own weight. When the winter storm hit, the water froze and expanded, causing additional deterioration of the paved surface. Once the trapped water thawed, the base suffered additional damage and more sagging occurred. The result was a pothole that seemed to appear overnight.

Avoiding Potholes

There is a saying among maintenance professionals that if you fix the small things, you will have far fewer big things to fix. The adage is particularly appropriate when it comes to asphalt pavement. If you have cracks repaired as soon as they develop, maintain your asphaltsealcoating, ensure that the pavement has proper drainage and remove oil or other chemical leaks promptly, you will incur fewer major repair bills. You may not be able to avoid every pothole, but if one should develop, have it repaired immediately. By taking care of the small issues, you can ensure that your asphalt pavementachieves its full life.

How We Repair Potholes

At B&E Coating Services, we can use a variety of methods to repair potholes. We must evaluate each job carefully to determine the best method. We look at factors such as the integrity of the pavement surrounding the damaged area and the dimensions of the pothole. Depending on our evaluation, we might recommend an infrared repair for its aesthetics and durability, a patch or a cut-and-replace repair.

Customers throughout Michigan know that they can trust us to make the best recommendation for their specific situation. At B&E Coating Services, our asphalt sealcoating contractors have established an exceptional reputation that is built on the quality of our work. Our asphalt paving services include infrared asphalt repair, crack repair, commercial sealcoating, parking lot markings, asphalt paving and sports court surfaces. To receive a free estimate, submit our convenient online form or call our Cadillac asphalt repair contractors at 989-352-7305.