Eco-Friendly Green Asphalt Paving

With every passing year, the need to protect the environment becomes increasingly obvious. The natural resources that support life on this planet are far from infinite. One resource that is under constant attack is the global water system. Between pollutants and trash, the planet’s water supply has been severely challenged. In recent years, a great deal of attention has been given to the need to keep contaminants out of lakes and rivers. That is precisely what the environmentally green pavement known as porous asphalt is intended to accomplish.

Eco-friendly Green Asphalt Paving – How Porous Asphalt Works

Porous asphalt contains many tiny pores that let water enter the pavement. Water then percolates through the pavement and into a drainage system that lies immediately underneath the pavement. The drainage system channels the water back into the soil.

Why Porous Asphalt Is Better for the Environment

Asphalt itself is very eco-friendly. It is insoluble in water, and it does not release any toxins into water or soil. The issue lies with the pollutants that are typically present on any pavement on which motor vehicles drive or park. Vehicles frequently leak automotive fluids such as oil, antifreeze, gasoline, and brake fluid. Furthermore, the products used to melt ice normally leave a residue behind. Much of these pollutants will be swept up by the water flowing from traditional asphalt pavement. The runoff and all of the pollutants it carries enter the storm sewer. Ultimately, the runoff will reach a river, stream, or lake, depositing the contaminants that it carried.

This does not happen with porous asphalt pavement. Any pollutants washed away by rain or melting snow are delivered to the underlying drain, which keeps them isolated.

The Major Problem with Porous Asphalt Pavement

The major problem with porous asphalt is that it is not suitable for all pavements although researchers are working on the issue. Asphalt pavements that must support heavy weights are unsuitable for porous asphalt, so you will not yet find it on airport runways or areas where heavy equipment is parked. Porous asphalt is not suitable for pavements that must withstand high traffic volumes, so it is not yet used for interstate highways or other busy thoroughfares.

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