Choosing Your Asphalt Contractor

Many factors determine whether your asphalt paving will last for its full lifespan and whether it will be as attractive as you would like.

The first factor, however, is to ensure that you hire the right contractor to install your asphalt paving. Improper installation can doom your pavement to a premature demise and can affect its appearance as well.

Asking the right questions can help you choose the right asphalt contractor.

Will your Asphalt Contractor minimize disruptions to your routine?

Whether you are a homeowner who needs a driveway paved or a property manager who needs a commercial parking lot paved, you want to encounter as little disruption as possible. Most contractors are happy to work with their customers to disrupt their routines as little as possible, but you need to communicate your needs to your contractor. If you need the work done on the weekend, for example, or want your parking lot paved in sections, ask the contractor whether this is possible. You can learn a great deal about the contractor’s commitment to customer service from his answer.

How many similar jobs has he completed recently?

You want to hire an experienced asphalt contractor, but you want his experience to be relevant to the scope of your project. Someone who has only paved residential driveways might not understand the logistics involved in paving a large parking lot, and someone who specializes in paving rural highways might not recognize the need to protect your much-loved azaleas that line your driveway.

What is the experience level of his crew?

The asphalt contractor’s experience is important, but the experience level of the people who will actually do the work matters as well. Too many inexperienced workers on the same crew can slow progress, and the quality of the work may not be the best.

How good is his paving equipment?

Paving equipment is costly, so most contractors ensure that it is maintained properly. They can get many years of service through a proactive maintenance and repair program. That said, all equipment eventually reaches the point where it should be retired. On-the-job breakdowns can wreck your completion schedule, and because asphalt cools quickly, it can also affect the appearance of the pavement.

Can he provide you with proof that he has current, appropriate insurance?

Your asphalt contractor should carry liability insurance of at least $500,000. He should have a workers’ comp policy that covers every one of his employees who will step onto your property. His vehicles should also have liability insurance.

Can he give you the names of customers for whom he has recently worked?

Call the references he provides. Ask them about their overall satisfaction with his work, but also ask about specific elements. For example, you might want to ask whether his crew left your property clean and undamaged or whether the work was completed on time.

Ask the asphalt contractor to be specific on his quote

Some of the information that should appear on the quote is the quality of the material used, the thickness of the asphalt and the square footage to be paved. Obtain detailed quotes from multiple contractors and compare specifications before making a decision.

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