Asphalt Paving Works Best Over Concrete

In recent decades, asphalt has replaced concrete as the paving material preferred by residential and commercial property owners, road builders, schools and even airports. Asphalt paving offers many advantages that concrete cannot provide.

Not every decision to choose asphalt over concrete is based on the same benefit, and in many cases, the decision is based on a combination of benefits. Here are the most common reasons stated for selecting asphalt instead of concrete.

Why Asphalt Paving Works Best Over Concrete

Concrete is More Expensive

Initial installation costs are significantly higher for concrete than asphalt pavementAsphalt pavingcan save as much as 45 percent when compared to concrete. Furthermore, despite what some people believe, concrete pavement will require periodic repairs, and these repairs will also be more expensive for concrete than for asphalt pavement.

Asphalt is Environmentally Friendly

Based on weight, asphalt has the highest rate of recycling of any material in America. Every crumb of asphalt pavement can be repurposed to produce new pavement. Although it is true that the old asphalt plants produced noxious vapors, in recent decades, the industry has reduced plant emissions so substantially that not even the Environmental Protection Agency considers asphalt plants to contribute significantly to air pollution.

Asphalt Pavement Requires Less Time

Installations and repairs of asphalt pavement can be completed in less time than would be required for concrete. Asphalt typically cures in 24 to 48 hours, but concrete can take a week or more to cure. Since vehicles cannot be allowed access to an uncured pavement, traffic patterns will be disrupted for a longer period if the area is paved with concrete than if it were paved with asphalt.

Asphalt Pavement has Superior Aesthetics

Concrete pavement lacks the visual appeal of asphalt. Asphalt has a rich, black color that makes stains less obvious while improving the visibility of pavement markings. The dark color of asphalt is easy to restore if it begins to fade; a fresh application of sealcoating is normally all that is needed to make asphalt pavement look new.

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