Why Should I Powerwash and Seal My Concrete Driveway

Concrete driveways are known for being very long-lasting. However, they come with one slight issue. Over time, lots of dirt can collect itself in the concrete. In fact, it sometimes becomes ingrained or almost fused into the surface. As such, you need to find an effective way of cleaning all the dirt and stains from your driveway.

Step forward powerwashing! This is a cleaning technique that is proven to be highly effective at cleaning concrete. When combined with sealant, it does an excellent job of making your driveway look brand new.

Many people are curious as to why these two techniques should be used over other cleaning methods. Well, allow us to explain some of the benefits of power washing and sealing your concrete driveway.

Remove the toughest stains

Powerwashing works by using high powered jets of water blasted onto a surface. The force is so strong that it can literally tear away the toughest and oldest of stains. This method will scrape away years of grime from your driveway, including things like oil spills, chewing gum, and so on. No other cleaning method is able to deliver this level of cleaning power!

Get deep into the cracks

Similarly, powerwashing allows you to get deep into any cracks or small holes in your driveway. As time passes by, your driveway will naturally begin to crack. From here, weeds and other things may grow or find their way into the cracks. With powerwashing, you can obliterate anything from these cracks and leave them empty. Then, you can work on preventing weed growth in the future!

Seal up small holes and cracks

This is where sealant comes into play. Powerwashing will take layers off your driveway and make it look a lot cleaner and blemish-free. A concrete sealant is then applied once everything is dry. The sealant can fill in the minor cracks and holes, making your driveway look even better. It also stops weeds from growing and can prevent water from sinking into your driveway and causing more damage.

Prevent further stains

A secondary benefit of sealant is that it stops stains from setting on your concrete driveway. As such, this will keep the driveway cleaner for longer.

All in all, these techniques work hand in hand to deliver an in-depth cleaning experience for your concrete driveway. Use powerwashing to remove the toughest of stains from the surface. Apply a quality sealant to protect the concrete and prevent further damages or staining. This gets rid of all your driveway dirt and ensures it looks excellent for longer.

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