Why Parking Lot Maintenance Can Save You Money Before Winter!

A properly installed parking lot can last for many years if it receives adequate maintenance. If it is neglected, however, its life will be significantly shorter, and it will also be unattractive. Fortunately, it is not particularly difficult to make sure that your parking lot receives the proper maintenance.

1. It needs to be seal coated

Asphalt sealants enhance the beauty of asphalt, making it appear darker and more even. However, the primary function of sealcoating is to protect the pavement. The sun’s rays, automotive fluids and traffic can be detrimental to asphalt pavement, causing it to fail before it should. Depending on traffic, most parking lots need to have sealcoating applied every two to three years although the frequency can vary.

2. It needs prompt repairs

If you notice small cracks in your pavement, have them repaired before they grow larger. Water entering through cracks can erode your pavement’s base, resulting in a costlier repair.

3. It needs to be kept clean

Puddles of automotive fluids and piles of dirt or leaves are not attractive, but they can also harm your pavement. Automotive fluids will eventually penetrate your sealcoating and accelerate the decay of your asphalt. Debris on top of your paved surface allows water to collect that could penetrate to the base.

4. It needs to have overweight traffic rerouted

Your parking lot was engineered to support a specific volume of traffic at specific weights. Overweight traffic, such as heavily loaded tractor-trailers, should not be allowed access to a parking lot designed for passenger vehicles.

5. It needs to have pavement markings reapplied when they are worn

A freshly painted parking lot is more attractive, but it is also safer for your visitors, whether they are driving or walking. In addition to parking spaces, make sure that traffic arrows, crosswalks, loading zones and other pavement markings are legible.

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