Why Parking Lot Catch Basin Repairs Are Critical

What Are Parking Lot Catch Basins?

Your parking lot’s drainage system consists of several elements that collect runoff and channel it to your storm sewer. Catch basins are essentially subterranean bowls storm drains that collect water and guide it to your stormwater drain or sewer. Metal bars or grates cover the top of your basins to prevent damage to vehicles or injuries to pedestrians. Although these grates can prevent large debris from entering, special boxes inside the basin collect the smaller pieces of debris. This keeps the debris from entering the drain and creating a clog.

What Are Some Typical Problems Involving Parking Lot Catch Basins?

For a catch basin to serve any useful purpose, the water it collects must be able to flow efficiently to the storm sewer. There are four primary problems that involve parking lot basins.

1. One extremely common problem is a blocked drainpipe. Debris that settles to the bottom of the basin can accumulate to the point that it impedes drainage or stops it completely. Water can overflow onto the pavement and create puddles that can remain for an excessive amount of time. This gives the water more time to find a way to penetrate beneath the surface and inflict damage deep inside the pavement’s structure. Alternatively, the water can seep beneath the edges of the surrounding pavement. If it does, you might remain unaware of it until you notice unexpected or unusual damage.
2. If water trapped beneath the surface freezes, it will expand. The mortar surrounding the basin’s frame can break or crack, allowing both the frame and the grate to move.
3. The contractor who constructed the parking lot may have failed to get the slope or leveling correct. If this is the case, runoff may not be reaching the basin in an efficient, timely manner.
4. The contractor might have misjudged the number of basins that your parking lot requires, or he may have installed them incorrectly. Whether the problem is the quantity or quality, the basins can fail within a relatively short time.
5. You may notice settling near the drain casting , be proactive and repair these defects prior to the drain caving in .

How Do Contractors Fix Problems With Parking Lot Catch Basins?

Contractors will determine the source of the problem before recommending a solution.

1. If the basin drains slowly or not at all, cleaning it out to remove the clog may solve the problem. It’s a great idea to vac and jet drains yearly.
2. If the frame is broken or misaligned, it will probably be necessary for the contractor to rebuild the basin.
3. If improper slope is the problem, asphalt milling may be an effective and economical solution.
4. If you do not have a sufficient number of basins, your contractor can install additional basins, a trench drain, or another type of storm drain. If the problem is a poor installation, your contractor may remove and replace the basin.

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