Why Now Is the Time for Parking Lot Striping, Markings, and ADA Compliance

What Is the Purpose of Parking Lot Striping?

Your parking lot lines and markings contribute to the overall curb appeal of your property, which helps you attract and retain tenants or customers. However, the primary purpose of pavement marking and striping is to provide information and guidance to those who visit your property. Whether they are riding a bicycle, walking, or driving a vehicle, they need to know how to safely navigate your parking lot. Drivers need to know where they can park and at what angle, where they should not park, and whether a traffic aisle supports one-way or two-way travel. Pedestrians need to be made aware of where they should cross a traffic aisle, what the safest route is between their cars and your entrance, and any areas that present unexpected hazards.

What About ADA Compliance?

Along with signage, pavement striping and marking are must-have elements to ensure full compliance with the ADA. You must identify your accessible spaces with the correct pavement striping and markings, and some local jurisdictions also require pavement marking to identify accessible routes between the handicapped spaces and the nearest accessible entrance.

How Often Do I Need New Parking Lot Striping?

On average, parking lots typically need to be striped and marked every 12 to 24 months. However, the type and volume of traffic using your lot, the condition of your pavement, and your method of removing snow and ice can affect your schedule. Taking a good look at the condition of your current parking lot lines and markings can often tell you whether or not you need to make fresh paint a priority.

1. If the original visibility of your markings has been reduced by more than 25%, you should schedule the work.
2. If the bubbling, flaking, or cracking is present, or if the paint is stained with oil or other automotive fluids, you should schedule the work.
3. If you are planning to schedule sealcoating for your parking lot, you should schedule pavement striping and marking for the same time; the sealcoating will cover your existing painted markings and lines.
4. If you suspect that your current layout does not comply with fire codes, the ADA, or local building codes, you should contact a reputable striping contractor to advise you.

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