What Is the Process for Asphalt Apron Repair?

What Is an Asphalt Apron?

An asphalt driveway apron is the section of your driveway that connects to your garage or to the street. Thus, many residential driveways have two aprons. Aprons should provide a smooth, safe transition between pavements.

What Causes Apron Damage?

Asphalt settlement is virtually always the cause of a damaged apron. Normally, settlement is the result of water that has penetrated the seam or expansion joint , where your driveway meets your concrete garage floor or street. However, asphalt settlement can also occur if the gravel underneath settles. Wear and tear, poor construction, or harsh weather can also cause or contribute to the damage.

How Do Contractors Repair a Damaged Asphalt Apron?

Depending on whether they are making a street or garage apron repair and other factors, there could be some variations. However, the apron repair process typically consists of the following steps.

1. Remove the apron and a section of the asphalt about three or four feet wide.
2. Set cavities with gravel as needed , then compact the base.
3. Install replacement asphalt, ensuring a seamless transition.
4. Compact the replacement asphalt for a smooth transition.
5. If necessary, texture the new asphalt to match the appearance of the driveway.

6. Another avenue for this asphalt to concrete transition repair is a skin patch or HMA (Hot Mix Asphalt) overlay repair, your local asphalt pavement contractor will be able to steer you to the best fit for your pavement condition .

How Long Does a Driveway Apron Repair Take?

Although every job can present unique complexities, in most cases, a contractor can complete a garage apron repair in a single day or less. You will be able to use your driveway within 24 hours of the repair.

Why Are Apron Repairs Important?

A damaged apron can negatively affect your home’s curb appeal. However, sunken aprons can also pose tripping hazards, damage vehicles, and lead to additional and more severe damage. The integrity of your entire driveway, your garage floor, and your landscaping could be seriously compromised.

Why Is B&E Coating Services the Best Choice for an Apron Repair?

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