The Different Types Of Asphalt Pavement

The asphalt roads built in America at the end of the 19th century would seem somewhat primitive to a modern asphalt professional. Over the past century, there have been many improvements to the product, equipment and technologies that make asphalt pavements better than they have ever been. Several different types of pavement have resulted, but three are the most commonly used.

The Different Types of Pavement – An Explanation

Hot Mix and Dense-Graded

Hot mix asphalt pavement is the most traditional type used as well as the most common. When the aggregates used in the mix conform to strict guidelines regarding the individual sizes of the particles, it is said to be dense-graded. Dense-graded asphalt is further defined as fine- or coarse-graded, with fine-graded having the smaller particles. Hot mix and dense-graded asphalts are suitable for all uses under all conditions.

Stone Mastic

Stone mastic asphalt pavement did not see much use in the United States until around 1990 although it had already been widely used in Europe for more than two decades. This type of pavement has a stone matrix that provides exceptional resistance to damage from snow tires, rutting and other deformations. It is therefore ideal for use on interstates and well-traveled highways, and that is where most stone mastic pavement is currently installed.

Porous Asphalt

Asphalt is an environmentally friendly material, but there are many who consider porous asphalt as the “greenest” type. This is because it allow water to penetrate the pavement, be filtered by the drainage layer and then discharged into surrounding soil where it can nourish plants or trees. Runoff can be kept out of the storm sewers, and surface pooling is eliminated or reduced, preventing vehicle splashing or spraying from the motion of the tires. Porous asphalt is most suitable for residential driveways or parking lots as it does not bear up well under heavy loads.

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