The Differences Of Cost In Sealcoating

Suppose your business is located on a block with three other businesses. Each business has a parking lot of identical size and configuration. All four businesses ask a commercial sealcoating contractor to provide them with quotes for sealcoating their parking lots. When the business owners compare the estimates, they find that there are differences in the prices quoted. The reason for this is that there are other factors that can affect the cost of sealcoating whether the job is a parking lot or a homeowner’s driveway.

The Differences Of Cost In Sealcoating – Here Is Why

Extent of Repairs Needed

Sealcoating is a great product, but it is not a crack filler. Cracks in asphalt pavement must be repaired prior to sealcoating. The more cracks that are present and the greater their size, the more it will cost to repair them.

Extent of Clean-up Needed

Most contractors include the cost of power washing the pavement as part of the sealcoating job. However, piles of leaves, caked mud, trash, broken branches, and other debris will have to be cleaned up before the sealcoating job can proceed. Your contractor will have to pay his workers to remove the debris, so he will need to charge more for the job.

Amount of Time Needed

The length of time that the contractor’s crew will need to complete the job is also a factor. Suppose one business is closed on weekends, allowing the work to be performed while there are no cars in the parking lot. Another business is open 24/7, requiring the work to be performed in sections so that part of the parking lot is open to traffic at all times. The work will go faster at the first business than it will at the second location, so the second business may be charged more for the job.

Other Factors Affecting Costs

Other variables can affect the cost of a sealcoating job. The distance from the contractor’s office to the work site is one factor; if the site is 50 miles away, for example, the price will be greater than a comparable job that is five miles away. The number of trips to the site required to complete the work can also be a factor. To illustrate, suppose four homeowners on the same block decide to have their residential driveways sealcoated. Three indicate their willingness to have the work performed on the same day, while the fourth wants to wait until a different day. The sealcoating contractor can prorate his mobilization costs among the three jobs done on the same day, but the fourth job will likely bear the full costs of mobilization.

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