Property Management & Pothole Repair

Sooner or later, cracks will appear in asphalt pavement. If cracks are quickly repaired, the integrity of the pavement can be preserved. However, if repairs are neglected, cracks can soon lead to potholes. Incorrect settings on snowplows can also contribute to the formation of potholes, and placing more or heavier traffic on a surface than the pavement was designed to support can cause potholes as well.

Here is Why Property Management and Pothole Repair Is Important

Potholes can shorten the life of asphalt pavement, but they are also potential liabilities for business owners or those responsible for the property management, including many municipalities. Potholes can cause injuries to your visitors who arrive on foot, on bicycles or in cars. If they suffer an injury or their property is damaged because of a pothole, they might hire an attorney to represent them in a lawsuit that could cost you a substantial amount of money.

How Pedestrians Can be Injured by Potholes

The most common way that potholes can cause an injury to a pedestrian is through a fall. Someone on foot might trip over the uneven pavement, or if the pothole is filled with water and then freezes, the pedestrian might slip on the ice. Another common injury occurs when pedestrians step into a pothole and sprains his or her ankle. A less common type of injury occurs when a car or bike encounters the pothole, changing the vehicle’s travel path; a pedestrian might be hit by the vehicle and injured.

How Cyclists Can be Injured by Potholes

Whether they are riding a bicycle or its motorized cousin, most cyclists have only minimal protection in the event of an accident. A car hitting a pothole could be knocked into the cyclist, which could result in severe injuries to the cyclist. When the cycle’s leading wheel reaches the pothole, the cycle’s momentum can be arrested while the rider’s momentum continues to propel him forward. He can be tossed over the handlebars; if he lands on his head, he could suffer a broken neck or brain trauma. Other injuries could include a broken arm, facial injuries, or a broken leg.

How Drivers Can be Injured by Potholes

Drivers typically suffer less severe injuries than pedestrians or cyclists, but this is not always the case. For example, on a busy highway, a pothole could send a car into the path of oncoming traffic or send it careening into a ditch. A tire could “blow out” when it strikes the pothole, making it even more difficult for the driver to control the vehicle.

Where to Find Help

If you want to reduce your potential liabilities by having your potholes professionally repaired, contact the experts at B&E Coating Services. We are a complete asphalt-maintenance provider offering our services throughout the state of Michigan. Property management and pothole repair helps understand the importance of quality asphalt crack repairsasphalt sealcoatingparking lot striping, or asphalt paving, we have the skills and experience to give you exceptional results at competitive rates. If you would like a free, no-obligation job quote, you can use our online form to send us the details. If you prefer, you can call our Big Rapids pothole repair contractors at 989-352-7305. The value of understanding property management and pothole repair!