Asphalt Marking in Isabella County, MI

Isabella County, MI, is a beautiful part of this beautiful state. Whether you’re on Lake Isabella or nestled in the shadow of Central Michigan University—Fire up, Chips—this a beautiful place to live and work. If you have asphalt pavement, marking this pavement properly is essential. B & E Coating Services, LLC, is ready to provide complete asphalt marking and sealcoating, as well as other pavement services.

Asphalt Marking and Sealcoating—a Perennial Necessity

Michigan winters are kind to no person and no parking lot. That’s why B & E Coating Services, LLC, offers total asphalt paving services—to help your paved areas and parking lots stand up to precipitation, sand, salt, oil, and foot traffic.

We protect your investment in a well-marked asphalt parking lot using Safe Seal® NON-Coal Tar asphalt sealer, a non-toxic asphalt sealing product that will maintain lines and other paint on your asphalt pavement. This maintains and improves the appearance of your asphalt, no matter what it’s used for.

For a free estimate on marking, sealcoating, or any of your asphalt maintenance needs, call the experts at B & E Coating Services, LLC. Reach out online or call us at either (989) 352-7305 or toll-free at 1 (800) SEAL-817.