Parking lot Drainage: Is Your Catch Basin Broken?

The quality of your parking lot says a lot about your business. First impressions count, and that doesn’t just mean the first impressions of your business’s interior. When people have to avoid potholes or load their car in standing water, it can seriously harm your reputation. Luckily, looking after your parking lot has never been more convenient with B+E Coating Services. 

Parking lot Drainage

We’ve all had the experience of walking across a parking lot after or during heavy rain. Unless the parking lot is well designed and has adequate drainage, puddles and standing water tends to form, making your feet wet and causing problems getting into vehicles.  One of the most common causes of this type of flooding is poor drainage, although cheap asphalt design can also be an issue. Unless the parking lot has a catch basin – a storm sewer that drains water from impervious surfaces – it will periodically flood, causing issues.  

What is a Catch Basin? 

In short, a catch basin is a drain or sewer that takes floodwater away from impervious surfaces. They are commonly used in parking lots. However, the catch basin itself is situated where the paving meets the drain – it’s designed to catch debris that might otherwise cause flooding.  A catch basin is a basin below street level with a grate across the top. Both water and debris enter through the grate, but the debris remains in the basin while the water drains away through a plumbing system. This prevents blockages that can lead to flooding in the parking lot.  

Catch Basin Benefits 

A parking lot without a catch basin might be fine, especially if it’s located in a dry area that doesn’t experience much precipitation. However, in places the get a lot of rain or snow, a catch basin is invaluable. Constant streams of liquid will wash debris through the pipes.  Instead of expensive, labor-intensive means of clearing debris out of a piping system, a company can easily remove the collection of debris from the catch basin at regular intervals. This cuts down on costs and prevents the parking lot from flooding.    

Catch Basin Issues 

Having read the benefits of catch basins, installing them seems like a no-brainer. However, some issues with them can arise. For one thing, the debris that is swept into the basin is not always cleared out on a regular basis, which causes it to dry and start to smell.  The last thing you want is a smelling parking lot. Rats that come to feast on the debris are also unwelcome in a public space. Not only that, during periods of high rainfall, you can find some discharge from the drains. To prevent this, you need adequate and routine maintenance.    

Catch Basin Repairs 

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