Let’s Talk About Filling Cracks And Potholes Before Winter Hits

Your asphalt pavement represents a significant investment in an important asset. Like all physical assets, you want to protect your pavement so that it reaches its full lifespan. Unlike many other assets, however, asphalt pavement is relatively easy to protect. Proper maintenance is the most critical part of prolonging the life of your pavement. Having your commercial pavement sealcoated periodically is part of maintaining asphalt pavement. Having asphalt cracks and potholes repaired is another part — and it is a step that is imperative to take before winter hits.

Michigan winters can be ruthless, showing your pavement no mercy. If asphalt pavement is not in good shape before winter weather arrives, it will definitely not improve by spring. Little cracks that would have been relatively inexpensive to repair in the autumn can turn into larger cracks or potholes over the winter, increasing your repair costs.

Furthermore, openings in the pavement let water reach the foundation. Even in warm weather, this is a problem as the water can deteriorate the foundation and rob it of its ability to support the pavement. During the winter, the problem is compounded when water freezes; the expansion of the water can wreak havoc on both the foundation and the pavement.

Another way that existing damages can be exacerbated is through snow removal. Whether the job is performed with a shovel or a snowplow, the blade is supposed to remove only the snow, which is easily accomplished if the pavement is even and smooth. However, if there are asphalt cracks or potholes in the pavement, the blade usually catches the edges of the damaged areas and rips out chunks of the asphalt. Needless to say, this increases your repair costs substantially.

Unrepaired potholes can also increase your risk of being held liable for injuries or damages. Cars driving over potholes on your property can be damaged, and if the pothole is frozen over, the risk that the vehicle could skid and strike another car, a pedestrian or fixed object increases. Pedestrians could twist an ankle or fall if they step into a pothole, and again, if the pothole is frozen over, they could slip and injure themselves in a nasty fall.

At B&E Coating Services, we have been providing asphalt maintenance and repair services to customers throughout Michigan for many years, so we are very familiar with the problems that winter can pose. We are committed to helping our customers increase the longevity of their asphalt paved surface through effective, professional maintenance. Whether you need residential sealcoating or the potholes in your parking lot repaired, we can help. If you would like to request a free quote on any of your asphalt maintenance needs, simply submit our online form or call our Cedar Springs asphalt contractors at 989-352-7305.