If You Need Asphalt Pothole Repair Services This Winter, Read This!

Why Is a Prompt Pothole Repair Important?

Potholes can lead to costly repairs to vehicles that damage their alignment, tires, or undercarriage when they strike one. Pedestrians can trip and injure themselves even if they do not fall. Pot holes can cause motorcyclists or bicyclists to crash, resulting in both injuries and property damage. If the hole is full of water, covered by fallen leaves, or hidden by the snow, it can be even more likely to pose a hazard. If safety is not a sufficient reason, then consider the additional damage that a pot hole can cause to your pavement. Water that enters the hole from any source can percolate downward, eroding and weakening the supporting foundation. As the foundation becomes less stable, the pavement begins to sag. As a result, your pavement will develop more pot holes and alligator cracking. In a relatively short time, your most cost-effective option will be the complete removal and replacement of your entire pavement.

How Do Contractors Perform Pothole Repair Services?

Contractors typically make a pothole repair by using a technique known as asphalt patching. Here are the basic steps involved for this type of asphalt repair.

1. The contractor will clean the hole to remove dirt, loose gravel, vegetation, or other debris.
2. The contractor may heat the hole to eliminate moisture as well as soften the asphalt.
3. The contractor installs new asphalt; this is normally hot mix asphalt.
4. The contractor compacts the new asphalt.

Is It Possible for Contractors to Make a Winter Repair?

Under certain conditions, contractors can use Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) or cold mix asphalt to make winter repairs depending on availability. Cold mix asphalt contains additives that help keep the asphalt workable at low temperatures.

What Are Some Pothole Prevention Strategies?

It is far better to prevent pavement damage than pay for paving repairs. Here are the most cost-effective strategies to help avoid the need for a pothole repair.

1. Sealcoat your asphalt pavement approximately every two years for parking lots and every two or three years for residential driveways. Sealcoat helps prevent damage from vehicle fluids and UV rays.
2. Repair significant cracks every fall and spring. Significant cracks are those that are more than about a quarter of an inch in either depth or width. Since the cracks will keep expanding, they will eventually lead to sinkholes.
3. A clean pavement is less likely to incur damage. Clean up leaked vehicle fluids, piles of trash, and dead vegetation.


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