How To Save Money With a Commercial Asphalt Maintenance Program

What Is a Commercial Asphalt Maintenance Plan?

An asphalt maintenance plan is a collection of procedures that can help protect the health, appearance, and safety of the pavement. Parking lot maintenance companies assess each pavement individually to determine the appropriate schedule for delivering these services. This makes it easier for clients to establish their parking lot maintenance budgets, and it helps ensure that no procedures are overlooked.

How Much Money Will a Parking Lot Maintenance Program Save?

It is impossible to provide a savings estimate that is universally applicable. However, numerous studies have shown that every dollar spent on asphalt maintenance will save up to four dollars in repair costs over the life of the pavement. In some cases, the savings have been much greater.

What Procedures Should a Commercial Asphalt Maintenance Program Include?

Parking lot maintenance companies can provide a number of different services, but there are five that are considered essential. Depending on the purpose of your parking lot, the age of your pavement, and other factors, your needs may differ. However, here are the five services that you should definitely consider.

1. Parking lot sealcoating is one of the most effective ways to prevent damage from vehicle fluids, water, and ultraviolet radiation. Parking lot sealcoating can also protect or improve the appearance of your pavement. Sealcoating is an economical procedure that is typically needed approximately every two years.
2. Parking lot repairs can protect the structural integrity of your pavement when performed in a timely manner. New cracks should be sealed or filled at least once a year, but it is better to find and repair them every six months. Timely parking lot repairs can also help protect the safety of everyone who uses your lot.
3. If you have a parking lot, vehicles will inevitably leak oil and other fluids on your pavement. These fluids will soften and deteriorate your asphalt. With parking lot sealcoating, you should clean up these areas at least every six months. Without sealcoating, you should remove them every six to eight weeks.
4. Parking lot striping paints usually lose too much of their visibility within two years. If drivers or pedestrians have trouble seeing your markings or stripes, your parking lot can become less safe. Since you will need to repaint after sealcoating, it makes sense to schedule both services at the same interval. However, you may need to retouch damaged markings in between your regularly scheduled striping procedures.
5. Asphalt overlays can be a cost-effective way to restore an unsightly pavement to its original appearance. Depending on the extent of the area that requires an overlay, contractors may classify the procedure as asphalt maintenance, asphalt paving, or an asphalt repair. The procedure involves the removal and replacement of a specified depth of asphalt paving. The depth of the asphalt removal is typically less than three inches. As a routine procedure, you should schedule an overlay every 12 years or so.

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