Grand Rapids, MI Growth and What It Does to Your Parking Lots

As well as being a melting pot for some of America’s best breweries, Grand Rapids is home to not one, not two, but five of the world’s best manufacturers for office furniture. And, those are just two of the more notable plus-points to this exciting city!

Residents have long known and loved the city for these fun facts and more, but there’s a change on the horizon, and it’s seen Grand Rapids becoming the 7th fastest economy in the U.S. Blame the office furniture if you want, but people are finally starting to see how fantastic Grand Rapids is, and the growth that brings spells wonderful news for business owners in the area. At least it does if they consider how this influx looks set to impact their business premises overall.

Why is Grand Rapids growing?

To those of us who know the area, the joys of Grand Rapids are nothing new, but the growth that the city has enjoyed over the last decade means that, finally, the larger population is starting to realize it, too. In large part, benefits here begin in ongoing downtime developments, which have included research centers at the university, numerous new healthcare facilities, and more. To top all of this, Grand Rapids has also recently innovated and improved traffic flow with a new Michigan Street corridor public transport partnership.

In short; Grand Rapids has spent recent years developing a downtown worth visiting, and has made it easier than ever for people to stop by. Add to this the fact that the cost of living here is an astonishing 12% lower than national averages, and it’s no surprise that the city is enjoying such a burst of long-overdue interest. With further developments and improvements still very much on the cards, this upwards march in public consciousness certainly isn’t about to end anytime soon, and local companies could benefit from jumping on that bandwagon before it passes through to the new, exciting businesses in the area.

What does this mean to your parking lots?

When you’re trying to find an in-point with anyone new in town, making a good first impression is key. Given that your parking lot is the first thing clients see, the ability to impress starts here. But, that could be a problem if you don’t first acknowledge that more customers can mean parking lot deterioration if you aren’t careful.

Unfortunately, the more wear your asphalt receives (heavy traffic/footfall, etc.) the more risk there is for weak areas. The more weak areas there are, the easier it is for water or fuel to cause problems. Freezing and contracting water, especially, can lead to significant potholes, while even small fuel leakages can cause asphalt erosion.

All of these issues create one massive business-based problem – they make you look like a company that doesn’t care! That’s no way to impress and, given that the growth trajectory is still very much on the up, it’s a problem you’ll want to address sooner rather than later.

What can you do to protect your parking lot?

Quite obviously, you’re going to want to welcome this influx of customers with open arms, so avoiding this increased exposure to traffic altogether simply isn’t an option. Instead, it’s important to consider how you can protect your parking lot moving forward. Your two best options in this sense include –

  1. Asphalt repair
    Repairs are essential for addressing existing issues or weak spots and preventing further problems from forming. Reliable repairs should especially aim to remove the asphalt around any potholes and replace it with fresh, hot mixed asphalt for high-quality repairs that match well with the rest of your parking lot.
  2. Asphalt sealcoating
    Repair is only half of the battle, especially because footfall is still set to increase. To ensure a quality parking lot regardless, it’s vital to invest in asphalt sealcoating. Best applied every two to three years, sealcoating provides a protective top-layer for asphalt, helping to reduce the risks of weather damage and erosion, and enabling your parking lot to look pristine no matter how many sets of wheels it withstands in any given day.

Our expert team here at B&E Coating Specialists can provide both of these services with high-quality finishes that you can trust, keeping your parking lot, and your business, pothole-free and ready to impress. If you want to join the hundreds of companies already enjoying the growth of Grand Rapids, then you certainly shouldn’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote today at (989) 352-7305.