Eco-Friendly Asphalt Sealer

Eco-Friendly Asphalt Sealer from B&E

Safe Seal™ is a contractor grade, asphalt emulsion sealer specifically formulated with recycled fillers as an all-weather protection for asphalt surfaces.

The flat black color of Safe Seal asphalt emulsion improves the appearance of the asphalt while prolonging its life.

It is durable, non-burning, odorless, fast-drying, and most importantly, environmentally friendly.

Driveway Sealing Services We Offer Include:
  • Safe Seal™ helps preserve the asphalt by reducing oxidation from weather and creating a protective cover that helps resist damage from water and petro-chemicals.
  • Safe Seal™ asphalt emulsion may be applied by spray or squeegee to clean and structurally-sound, asphalt surfaces. A normal 2-coat application rate on sound surfaces is 50 to 100 square feet per gallon of mixed material.
  • Coverage rate will ultimately depend on the application method in addition to the asphalt condition.
  • Odorless and non-irritating to the skin, Safe Seal™ is not only easy to use, but safe for applications such as school properties, restaurants, apartment complexes, etc.
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Sealcoating functions in the same way as any protective coating. It puts a barrier between the elements and the asphalt. Safe Seal™ seals in the asphalt’s natural flexibility and performance.

B&E Coatings uses Safe Seal™ for superior results on all of its asphalt sealcoating projects. Contact us for more information at (989) 352-7305 or fill out the free quote form.