Do You Need Sealcoating, Asphalt Resurfacing, Or Repaving

Asphalt pavement is the most popular choice in the United States for parking lots, highways, residential driveways and city streets. It offers exceptional durability, and it is economical and fast to install. In addition, it is the nation’s most-recycled material and is environmentally friendly, leaching no harmful toxins into the soil or water table. With the right maintenance, properly installed asphalt pavement can have a life that spans several decades.

However, over time, it may need some help. When asphalt pavement begins to age, many customers are confused about whether they should have it sealcoated, resurfaced or repaved. Each of these can be appropriate in certain situations, and although only an inspection of your property can determine the best solution, there are some general guidelines that you can apply.

When Is Sealcoating Appropriate?

The short answer to that question is that sealcoating is virtually always appropriate. Sealcoating is your pavement’s best defense against harmful radiation from the sun, automotive fluids and chemical deicing agents. It will make your pavement more attractive by restoring its color and smoothing out surface imperfections. Asphalt sealcoating will not fill cracks, however, so they will need to be repaired beforehand.

When Is Resurfacing Appropriate?

When you have your asphalt pavement resurfaced, new asphalt will be applied directly on top of your existing pavement after cracks or potholes are repaired. Your pavement will look and perform like new. Resurfacing typically works best if cracks or other damages are confined to less than 30 percent of the pavement’s total area and the foundation is still strong and stable.

When Is Repaving Appropriate?

Repaving is the removal and replacement of existing asphalt pavement, so it usually has the highest initial cost. However, long-term costs can sometimes be less for repaving than for repetitive repairs. Furthermore, there are some situations that simply do not have an effective alternative solution. If the pavement’s foundation needs extensive repairs, damages to the pavement exceed approximately 40 percent of its surface area, sections of the pavement have sunk or extensive alligator cracking has occurred, repaving may be the most appropriate solution.

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