Michigan Commercial Pavement Maintenance

Complete Pavement Maintenance Care

B&E Coatings has served commercial and industrial businesses throughout greater Michigan with high quality asphalt maintenance and repair for over 15 years. The outstanding reputation we’ve earned throughout the region is built on unmatched workmanship and high quality products.

We are an “eco-friendly” pavement maintenance company, which means we use only environmentally friendly asphalt sealants, and not toxic sealants based on refined coal-tar.

Pavement maintenance services we offer to commercial and industrial properties address the particular stages of any asphalt pavement’s life-cycle, whether recently installed or nearing its end.

These Service Include:
Pavement Maintenance Programs

Putting a consistent pavement maintenance program in place within the first year of your parking lots installation can greatly extend its natural life-cycle, and save you thousands of dollars.

The first step in any successful maintenance program is to apply two coats of a high-quality, eco-friendly, Safe Seal asphalt sealant(no sooner than 90 days after installation).

This will seal in the liquid asphalts flexible properties and retain its ability to contract and expand with the seasons. Over time, however, asphalt will lose its flexibility and begin to crack. Our asphalt crack sealing service will keep the moisture out of the pavement structure and preserve the integrity of your asphalt investment.

Towards the end of your pavements life-cycle it may be necessary to perform asphalt repairs such as infrared patching or full-depth asphalt repairs. Full-depth repairs address issues in the base layers caused by water or shifting.

Finally, there is a point in the life of every pavement when it must be retired and repaved. B&E Coatings is well-versed in asphalt paving and can pave your parking lot or drive from scratch. Let’s Get Started.

Let Michigan’s pavement maintenance experts maintain your asphalt pavement investment through our proven two year re-seal cycle techniques and quality workmanship. Call B&E at (989) 352-7305 or fill out the Free Evaluation form for a no-obligation evaluation with one of our trained professionals.

Please let us know if you would like us to develop a maintenance program to fit your driveway or parking lot service needs.