Benefits of Using a Sweeper for Regular Parking Lot Maintenance

Are you a business owner, local authority or client seeking to clean up the mess in your parking lot? You stand a lot to gain if you work with the right kind of company. The Benefits of Using a Sweeper for Regular Parking Lot Maintenance are clear to see once you have experienced the end result for the first time. Here are just some of those benefits, you should know about.

Discourage Littering

When people see a nice clean parking lot, they take your business more seriously. This deters mindless littering for a few reasons.

  • Someone littering in a spotless parking lot, is far more obvious. Not many people will want to be seen as ‘that person’ who ruins a clean place that’s for everyone to enjoy.
  • If a parking lot is already unclean, people won’t think twice about adding to it. Their thinking is, ‘if the owner doesn’t care, why should I?’
  • Trash tends to build up, but it’s difficult to start. A clean parking lot prevents pile-up zones from occurring in corners and edges.

Extending life

Parking lots may seem like simple asphalt surfaces. Actually, they are very expensive. To make a large span of landscape, flat, smooth and strong, is not cheap. Clearing the parking lot of trash is going to extend the lifespan of the surface. Cars won’t be driving over trash that is abrasive, cutting, scraping and denting the asphalt. When little bits of the surface become loose, it spells disaster. The rain will seep into the hole, and eventually, you’ll have potholes all over the place.

The pavement can also last longer too, as debris and naturally abrasive materials like sand, are not dug into the surface by customers.

Prevent Storm Drain Blockage

If you live in an area that gets a lot of rainfall, your storm drains are at risk of becoming blocked with trash. If the parking lot isn’t swept regularly, trash will float on rainwater and eventually end up in the drain along with it. Pollution is a big deal nowadays, and there are large fines for business owners that are not following the rules in this regard.

You can avoid being fined for neglecting your parking lot drains, by having a sweeper visit your premises once a week. If you have a large parking lot this is even more important, as trash begins to accumulate by the sheer numbers.

Deters Critters

A messy, stinky and dirty parking lot, will attract critters of different types. For one thing, rodents might want to move in and nothing is going to deter customers more from shopping with you, than a rodent running around their car. You can prevent nesting grounds from occurring by removing potential feeding spots by sweeping the area regularly.

An untidy parking lot could also invite insects to infest the local trees and shrubs. They may see that the litter which is lying around, is a source of energy, so they select a space in your parking lot as their new nest. This is something that will draw birds to the area. Birds will feast and then excrete these insects, causing your customers’ cars to be covered in you know what. This is not a good look, and can damage your reputation.

Invite Them In

A cleaner parking lot is just more inviting. Customers will notice a parking lot which is taken care of. It helps to give a positive feeling to customers, knowing their car is in a clean area while they are inside your establishment doing their shopping. Positive feelings that start outside your business, will follow them inside your business too.

Customers will also feel that their car is safer in a cleaner parking lot. If it seems maintained, it’s because it is. So they’ll have more confidence that their car will be under watch by security, other customers will want to help them in this regard and overall, a generally good feeling about the protection of their vehicle.

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