Asphalt Repairs and Pothole Repairs in Mecosta County, MI

Potholes are a big problem in Michigan. With our harsh winters and regular traffic, your asphalt paving can see water damage, salt, sand, oil, all in addition to the normal wear & tear of traffic. If you need pothole repairs or any other asphalt repairs in Mecosta County, MI, call the experts at B & E Coating Services, LLC.

For over 20 years, B & E Coating Services, LLC, has been Michigan’s source for total asphalt services, including reliable asphalt repair. We’re happy to help you maintain well-marked, safely seal-coated asphalt paving, including providing speedy asphalt repair when you have potholes or other cracks.

Asphalt and Pothole Repair to Rely On

Your paved spaces make your property easy to drive onto and away from, as well as maintain your property’s pleasing appearance. Potholes damage that appearance and can damage your car or the cars of your family, guests, clients, or other visitors. We can help you to mitigate the liability these potholes present to you and your property.

For a free estimate on pothole repair for your Mecosta County property, call B & E Coating Services, LLC at either (989) 352-7305 or toll-free at 1 (800) SEAL-817, or reach out to us online.