5 Benefits Of Parking Lot Striping

If you own commercial property, it’s your responsibility to maintain the safety and curb appeal of your parking lot.

Fortunately, our paving contractors offer a range of asphalt repair services, including parking lot striping.

If your parking lot paint is faded, call our local asphalt contractors to schedule maintenance.

Continue reading to learn why you’ll want to schedule line striping this summer.

1.) Improve Parking

Parking spaces need to accommodate vehicles of all sizes, from sedans to SUVs. If you think your parking spaces are too narrow, call our paving contractors as soon as possible. We’re able to measure the size of your lot to determine how many parking spaces can fit.

2.) Prevent Door Dings

The best way to prevent door dings is to make sure your parking lot lines are clearly marked. Otherwise, drivers may park too closely to each other if they aren’t able to see the lines. It’s hard for your employees and customers to find suitable parking when they can’t see line striping.

Our asphalt contractors will need to schedule line striping during dry weather conditions. Summer is the perfect time to schedule parking lot striping because there’s less chance of precipitation. If you have a sprinkler system on your commercial property, we’ll ask you to turn it off at least 12 hours before line striping.

3.) Reduce Liability

If you own commercial property, you could be held liable for poor parking lot conditions that cause injury or vehicular damage. As a result, you’ll want to make sure you schedule parking lot maintenance as soon as you notice faded line painting, potholes, cracks, or other damage.

Line striping and other pavement markings are important because they direct the flow of traffic, alert drivers to pedestrian crossings, and show available parking. If someone is injured in your parking lot because it wasn’t maintained, you could be held responsible for paying medical bills, lost wages, lost earning capacity, and emotional trauma. Taking care of your parking lot reduces your liability so you can continue running your business.

4.) Improve Safety

As a commercial property owner, you are responsible for making sure your parking lot is safe for drivers and pedestrians. Otherwise, you could be held liable for property damage or personal injury caused by poor parking lot conditions.

If your parking lot striping is faded, you’ll most likely need to repaint pedestrian crossings, fire lanes, handicap parking spaces, and arrows that clearly mark the flow of traffic. Our paving contractors will make sure that line painting stays visible year after year.

5.) Boost Curb Appeal

It’s hard trying to convince prospective clients that you run a good business when your parking lot is falling apart. Don’t wait until your line striping is completely faded before calling our contractors.

We’ll be more than happy to apply a fresh coat of line striping paint to your parking lot. Prospective clients start judging the way you run your business before even walking through your doors. Make sure that you set a good first impression by maintaining your asphalt parking lot.

Our Michigan asphalt contractors work hard to earn your business by offering a range of asphalt repair services, including parking lot striping. To request your estimate for line striping, call B&E Coating Services at 1-800-SEAL-817.